Friday, 9 December 2011

Holding a not my style

i have had a hmmm grudge towards a person i sl for a long time and its been going like a habit..not naming names... but today we have settled it and are going to act like grownups ...both of the future:)
thank you know who you are:) let bygones be bygones...
dramas are stupid and a BIG waste of time and energy!!


  1. It is great making up, especially if you suddenly realize you can hardly remember why the f**k you should stay angry with the person. ;)

  2. I've recently done the same thing :-)
    /Sofie Snowbear

  3. Wonderful decision Vampi! - I have done the same for ages and it always fill my heart.

    I can recommend it!

    /Tina (PG)