Thursday, 26 July 2012

för alla er...

som inte kunde va med på Baras privata spelning hemma hos oss rl vill jag bara säga hahah vi vet nåt inte ni inte vet;) pösss

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

OD and MB/GR is going live rl haha

Both OD and MB/Green Room owners rl people are meeting up in real live from today.. yay gittrika is at the home of vampi and sirhc right now:)
we are going to make helsingborg by night very scared hahaha its the festival and Mr Bara Jonson and his Rockland is playing the the festival tomorrow thursday (23.45 in the 60s tent to be exact).
BUT before that we are holding a secret gig (oh dear the cats out of the bag now) in our livingroom with Bara and Free at 19.00 swedish time...can be a bit later if we talk to much hehehe... not quite sure if we are going to stream the whole thing to sl but we WILL let you know if we do:)
So we are going to be a bit off sl wednesday to saturday morning:)
Hugs and kisses from vampi sirhc(s) and gittrika:)

Friday, 6 July 2012

OD is closed for holiday break

From the 16th of july till the 22nd of july we are closed due to summer holidays and shit no events no nothing thats it we need a break:) back as usual after that:)