söndag 30 november 2014

Advent Calendar at .:TheVampRealm:.

The Annual Advent Calendar at my shop .:TheVampRealm:. is up dec 1 -Dec 24
one gift per day no group needed
Take me to .:TheVampRealm:. blog

onsdag 2 april 2014

Cool exhibition by a swede

Laura P aka Ratsie (ratatosk independent) one of our swedish residents in sl have a cool exhibition going right now. Poems on Pictures Expo.
 poems (in english) and photos mainly from second life

There is an art giver so you can get all the pictures to enjoy even after you leave:)
the SLurl takes you to the landing at Helping Haven and depending on viewer you get a beacon to Ratsies plot... if not its the one with the big colorful cubes.

onsdag 5 februari 2014


so there we have it new  CEO of the Lab is Ebbe Altberg ... go look him up if you are interested;)
im just wondering what his SL name will be.... Alt Linden??? haha

tisdag 31 december 2013

Can you drink a Linden ?

well apparently we can cos this is what we are having for new years:)

never mind the ¨ over the o there its just swedes being prissy hahaha:)
see you in 2014:)

söndag 22 december 2013

fredag 13 december 2013

Svenskt lucia firande...

i all ära ..men ska vi inte sprida firandet? det försökte jag idag:)
här är lite spridda bilder från platser i sl:)
at santas place in the north pole at winter holiday village
Dare design at his chairs:)

kastle rock couture shop

 DV8 is back yay;(
London sim  one of them cant remember which
NCI sim didnt want to rez
  norway christmas fair
Grendel sim love it:)

 My shop yay with the advent calendar link at he bottom here
did go to more places but got sick of waiting for them to rez so this is what you get:) and it was loads of fun ppl did ask questions and i had a nice notecard to give them:)
Happy lucia everyone and soon christmas is upon us)
dont forget that .:TheVampRealm:. has an advent calendar with gifts every day 1 dec- 24 dec:) free for everyone:)
merry holidays hohoho to you all and hey want to visit any of these places... well use search :)

söndag 8 december 2013

wow time does fly

5 years ago i didnt even think that i would be in sl 2013 but here i am and so is Club OD:)
it was 5 years ago yesterday since we opened the club and today we had a party:)
If you werent there you missed it and a very good cake too haha...