Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Woodstock in SL

*** SL Woodstockfestival ***

Sunday 15 August -
OrmDricka Henge start 11 AM SLT
Double set DJs Lucien and Frostland
Theme for the contest is Painted, Muddy or Bare as you dare
Contact: Vampi Twine

Monday 16 August -
Fride Club & Lounge start 11 AM
Contact: Midnattsdotter Fride

Tuesday 17 August -
Heroes Club start 1 PM
Contact: Nightgirl Destiny

Wednesday 18 August -
OrmDricka Barn start 12 PM SLT
Theme for the contest is Flower Power
Contact: Vampi Twine

Thursday 19 August -
PJ's Dance Club - The Roof! start 12 PM SLT.
DJ PJ spinning legendary anti war songs! Frets Nirvana cancelled so NO live artist!!

Contest for - if not Nobel Peace Prize - at least Best in YOU! Trivia and the usual Thursday PJ's fun!
Contact: PirateJenny Whybrow

Woodstockfestival was held 15-18 August 1969. Here is a link for inspiration: